Amaral son mis amigos album

Running for it

Amaral’s comeback is closer than ever. Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre’s eighth album is ready and we will be able to have it in our hands on September 6th. Its title? Salto al color. A declaration of intentions to present their new stage.
The videoclip recorded at La Casa Del Circo in Zaragoza promises to be spectacular. We can’t wait to enjoy it! Thanks to the preview we have been able to intuit a photograph that will transport you to the depths of the ocean.
But that’s not the end of it. They don’t stop giving us surprises. On September 7, one day after the release of the album, they will perform at the DCODE. What will they be able to surprise us with at the festival?
Who has never wished for a declaration of love like this? Without you I am nothing. Words full of meaning with which you show the magnitude of your feelings. You have met the perfect person and you choose to live together with that person through thick and thin. Therefore, if the relationship ends “My soul, my body, my voice, are of no use”.

Without you i am nothing

“And there is a time to exist, in the time you’ve been given, to leave behind the ghosts of the past. And there is a time to believe, time to seek, there is a time to forget all that could have been and never will be.”
Before we can love others, we have to accept and love ourselves. That self-confidence is what will make us capable of sharing love with the world, because whoever loves us will love us for who we really are, for our essence, of which we should be proud.
A toxic relationship that she has managed to put an end to. A song of liberation in which she sings loud and clear that she never wants to see the other person again. Again the synthesizers have their protagonism in the seventh stop of the album, where the chorus breaks as a cry of liberation.
A love story, where you have found that person with whom you get everything else to fade away, like mere noise. And some time later they look back to rejoice in the time spent together.

Forgive me amaral

-I was very influenced by a session recorded by John Peel of House Of Love. It’s not a very well known band, but as a teenager I was very influenced by it. Their records were amazing, I couldn’t understand how the guitars could sound like that. Then, the treatment of the voice was very intriguing. It was a shock to hear him live in that session, because it was much more raw, the tempos were accelerated and it blew my mind. It’s the first one that comes to mind.
-Right off the bat, he answers me bluntly, saying that they are not a commercial band. That comes up in many of his interviews. You get the feeling that they are worried about that image, that they are always on the defensive on that subject, saying “Hey, hey, we are not commercial”. Do you consider that there is necessarily something wrong with being commercial? What inspires you, for example, artists like Kylie Minogue or Michael Jackson?
-Talk about “Black Cat, Red Dragon”. On that album the first single was “Kamikaze”. They said it was a risky single. I see a song with an after-punk feel, very much in the vein of early U2, with a little piano in the style of “New Years Day”. Where is the supposed risk?

The universe above me

We were recording a month after my mother passed away and it was hard, and in a way it marked that album, making it more introspective. In this one, however, there is more luminosity, the theme focuses on the need to escape from reality or to look for an improved reality, to go towards the light… Was there a moment when you were about to give it all up? We didn’t think about it or put it on the table, but there was a moment when we were quite down, to the point of asking ourselves if it was worth going on and how to do it. We found a way, by leaning on each other. Well, in everyone’s life things like this happen, and you either change radically what you are doing or you find something that gives you oxygen to continue.
Hahaha, well the truth is that here Juan Aguirre is the one who with his guitars finds the dresses before, and more in this album that is more focused on the guitars, maybe because of the expectations created, more than one of us were expecting – jokingly said – an almost heavy album.

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