Amigos dos galgos

This greyhound race, in which dog and hare are

Two young people riding their bicycles raised the alarm after discovering a plastic sack with a dog’s snout sticking out of it in the Gil Gómez area of Arahal (Seville), next to the Guadaíra riverbed. Nearby were two other similar sacks, hermetically sealed.
The animals could have been thrown into the river from an overpass over it, in a place that is “in an area quite far from any population”. After the first analysis of the carcasses, the Seprona agents discovered that they had identification chips and contacted the owner. Shortly afterwards they were able to locate the person who was allegedly responsible for the mistreatment of the animals.
“We are going to tell you a story, to share with you our truth, the one transmitted by the eyes of a surviving greyhound and the lost look of two others who were killed. It may not be the one that is reflected in documents, or the one that will result from a trial. But we have every right to show you the fucking hell of greyhound hunting.

Whippet and galgo – saiba como é ter um em sua vida

And this has not been the result of chance, it has been due to the abandonment that we have been suffering in this area of Castilla La Mancha and secondly, it has been thanks to the collaboration of a worker of the restaurant of the gas station.    An extraordinary person, who has been unable to look the other way and who even risked her job every day, just to be able to go out and dedicate five minutes to put the leftovers of the customers.
We had everything ready and the first of them was a bit of a wait, in a couple of hours he made his first appearance.    We did not have too many problems to guide him to the cage, with the help of the cook, of course, who trusted from the first moment.
We had not finished securing NÍCOLAS to get him out of there, when suddenly the second of the afternoon appeared.    Without realizing that we were there, he slowly approached between the cars.
It was AXEL’s turn, much more distrustful, he was not sure whether to enter the cage or leave the way he had come, after thinking about it several times and again with the help of the waitress, he got into the cage.

Italian greyhound – um lindo da família dos whippets

The containment measures taken during quarantine left us anchored to the couch, so there is a baby boom of dogs named after the protagonists of our favorite series and movies.
The international hit series La Casa de Papel is still going strong after premiering its fourth season, and names like Rio, Oslo, Nairobi, Denver, Tokyo and Milan continue to be popular.
The two favorite names inspired by nature have been Luna and Duna. And these are the names that round out the top 10 nature-inspired names: Jara, Estrella, Cala, Copito, Brisa, Rayo, Trueno, Isla, Sol, and Arena.
Most people consider their pet to be a member of the family, so we’re not surprised that 40% of the names in the top 100 ranking are human names. These are the top 10 most popular human names for pets:
Conveying a more relatable and colloquial note are names inspired by diminutives of human names. Could it be the way to pay homage to that beloved aunt or lifelong friend? The most popular diminutives when naming our pets are: Lola, Pepa, Pepe, Curro, Cuca, Paquito, Manolo, Lolo, Chiqui and Tato.

The cruelty of greyhound bullfighting

The probability that your furry is happy is quite high, if he enjoys his time. You can achieve this by doing activities with him such as playing or practicing sports. Besides – and we will never tire of reminding you of this – it is important that you give him quality food, so that he has a good physical and mental health, which will put him in a good mood. Today it is also known that the happiness of dogs is closely linked to their hormones.
Since dogs are descended from wolves, they have a similar communication. The dog manifests itself through body language and sounds. All dogs – whether they have flat or long snouts, short or long tails – express themselves in the same way. However, it must be taken into account that some breeds, due to alterations in their image, such as tail docking, cannot be understood correctly by other dogs.
When your dog is happy, he moves his tail from one side to the other at an angle of about 120º. In dogs with short or curly tails or those that have had their tails docked, the key is at the beginning of the tail. Often, short-tailed dogs not only wag the tail, but also the entire back of the loin.

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