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More than 23 million people around the world have seen this emotional French film that tells the story of Philippe, a millionaire with paraplegia who hires Driss, a young man of color who has just been released from prison and becomes his life assistant.The two men weave a relationship that goes beyond the work agreement to become inseparable friends.
The U.S., English and Australian markets are the next targets for this film, which in Latin American countries is being marketed in French subtitles under the name “Amigos intocables” (Untouchable Friends).
However, before being a success outside the French borders, this film reaped an incredible acceptance in France where it was seen by 20 million people since its theatrical release in November 2011. It was also an opportunity to see Omar Sy, a comedian who revealed himself here as an incredible dramatic actor in the role of this young man from a poor background who discovers the world of the wealthiest class and who changes Philippe’s boring life with his humor and ease.

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Philippe is a millionaire quadriplegic who owns a hotel, his assistant Magalie is casting to interview his next caregiver. That’s when we meet Driss, who doesn’t show much expectation to be hired, in fact, he was just looking to get the signature to attend the event to keep his welfare benefits.
Driss is advising Phillipe little by little to try to improve his personal life, especially on how to better educate his adopted daughter Elisa. Driss, on the other hand, is learning from Philippe’s culture about art, opera, etc.
Finally Philippe is convinced by Driss to talk to Eléonore on the phone, however, Philippe does not dare to send a picture of him in a wheelchair to Eléonore, and asks his son to send him a picture before his accident.
Driss’s younger cousin, is in trouble with a gang and searches for Driss at Phillipe’s mansion. Upon finding out, Philippe releases Driss from his job so that he can support his family thinking that he probably wouldn’t want to be taking care of him anymore.

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If your archenemy’s mom, for “life’s scripted convenience”, has the same name as your mom, you’ll probably see more sense in Batman V. Superman… If any. However, anyone can give their opinion about such a movie and decide whether they like it or not.
Something very similar happens with movies whose main plot, in one way or another, revolves around the theme of disability. There is no doubt that anyone can watch, understand and enjoy them; but if you are familiar with the subject, pay a little more attention, or if you have a disability, you will surely notice certain details that would go unnoticed by others.
Also known as Amigos Intocables, this French production narrates part of Phillippe’s life; a cultured, thrill-seeking, adventure-loving millionaire who, after an accident, is trapped in a wheelchair unable to move or feel anything from the neck down.
After a scene that, without giving away major spoilers, previews part of the final act; the film begins at Phillippe’s mansion, where a job interview is taking place to fill the position of his personal caretaker. Among the several well-qualified applicants is Driss, someone of African descent with a somewhat shady past, who has no experience at all in caring for people; and who is there only to be rejected so he can collect an unemployment pension.

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“Intouchables” is a French movie that was released in 2011, inspired by a true story. The main actors of this comedy are François Cluzet and Omar Sy. It tells the story of Philippe, a very rich man who has become disabled due to a serious parachute accident. He can’t do anything alone, so he hires Driss, a very poor man who has no physical disabilities to help him in his daily life. At first, it seems that Driss is not the right man for the job. Indeed, he is barely out of prison and does not come from the same social sphere as Philippe. “Untouchables” shows the evolution of the relationship between two men, who at the beginning seemed however completely different.
The story is inspired by the life of Count Philippe Pozzo di Borgo, author of the book “The Second Breath”, a quadriplegic since 1993 (due to a paragliding accident) and his relationship with Abdel Yasmin Sellou, an Algerian immigrant with a criminal record who entered his service as a home assistant.

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