Cancion mis amigos me dicen que te olvide

3:53they tell me wey ya gotta get over it, but i can’tou n i v e r s eyoutube – 23 apr 2021

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Gitana song

Enrique, I don’t remember that sevillana by the Hermanos Reyes. If you can give me more clues maybe I can figure out which one it is. Anyway, maybe someone who reads your comment can help you directly.Ana, I have a version of Raya Real, I have it ready to post it this Friday, with audio included. I have it ready to post it this Friday, with audio included.
Hello: Could you tell me the name of this sevillana: ” se planchan los mantoncillos y los trajes de gitana, y los trajes de gitana, se planchan los mantoncillos y los trajes de gitana, y en el barrio los chiquillos ya bailan por Sevillanas…? Thanks
Hello, I would like to know if someone could inform me of a sevillana entitled “A la Triana cofrade” and q began with an introduction of a man talking while the march sounds in the background holy week of Seville. The sevillana makes a review of all the brotherhoods that are in Triana. I would like to know the group that sings it or where it is on disc. Thank you very much and greetings
ola!.me gustaria q me dijerais de kien is a sevillana q begins: “dime tu si te han besado…por el callejon del agua….”y al final dice:“paseate por sevilla y bebe de sus encantos y bebe de sus encantos que con los brazos abiertos sevilla te esta esperando llevo mucho tiempo buscandola!!espero vuestra ayuda saludos

None like me

And I’ve already said that the times I’ve made records like this, I’ve been on tour working with them. Otherwise, no, because I have never been a lover of doing this. It can be bad for you. I tell you something. You make the record and then all the others learn from what you… you have some inspirations and then the others learn from them.
I’ve never liked to play, just to (????). But of course, I say: to play bulerías for that guy, I have to do something for him every time. Anyway, I made some falsetas and then when I went to (????) what formed the falsetas. So I improvised them, I improvised them there.
-Siguiriyero has been the one who has transmitted the most of all. The one who has touched the soul the most of all those who have sung siguiriyas has been Manuel Torre. Manuel Torre sang the cantes de Jerez. Not the cantes de Triana, cantes de Jerez. But, my friend, he sang them in a way… that transmitted more… so much voice he had and expressed and the soul he put into them. But he wasn’t long, he wasn’t long singing. Tomás was long.

I love to be a little piece of your being

Acne is and always will be a symbol of puberty, adolescence and youth, while wrinkles are a symbol of old age. In this beautiful verse, Sabina comes to tell us that he would change his old age for the youth of another person without thinking twice.
We continue with some of Joaquín Sabina’s love phrases, some quotes so that you know some of the most beautiful, romantic and nostalgic verses of the singer. Do you want to dedicate a beautiful love phrase to that special person? In this section you will find great ideas…
I wanted to tell him the truth, no matter how bitter it was. To tell him that the universe was wider than his hips. I would paint her a real world and not a rosy one, but she preferred to listen to white lies.
If you have ever loved someone with all your soul, you will know that being in love means wanting to be with that special person at all times, to live the good and bad moments by their side. Are you looking for a List of Romantic Phrases to Fall in Love? In this other article we offer you some of our favorites.

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