Cancion somos amigos cantajuegos

There’s a friend in me

Playing and singing nursery rhymes with our sons and daughters is something that comes innate in many people, and not only because it is fun, but because it helps us connect on other levels, improves our voice and hearing, relaxes us, calms us, and produces an increase in the hormone of happiness.
There are many more added benefits, of course, but today we want to focus on the increase in vocabulary, the stimulation of memory and concentration and the improvement in their overall learning abilities. With all these advantages, at Ayuda en Acción we believe it is essential to dedicate some time to the education of our children through children’s songs, don’t you think?
La vida hay que cuidar brings simple messages with basic values for human beings, such as the beauty of flora and fauna, recycling and respect for other beings with whom we share the planet.
This is the perfect song for your sons and daughters to learn that there are very different people, from far away countries, with other customs or beliefs, in a different situation from their own, and that, just like them, they just want to live in peace and happiness with their families, enjoy with their friends at school and take care of the world around them.

My friends pipalupa nursery rhymes

“I have a noodle, it moves here, it moves there”, “To put an elephant to sleep, you need a very big pacifier”, “El burrito Pepe goes very loaded…”. If you live with children, surely some of these songs are part of the soundtrack of your house. These are songs by Los Cantajuegos, a project born in 2004 that has more than 20 CDs and DVDs and has performed 1,250 shows with more than one million spectators. It is also the musical thread of a good part of the infantile schools.
His first album was precisely called Canción protesta, although his second one is the one that delves deeper into this genre: “I couldn’t tell you when I decided to go for the protest song. It did not occur to me all of a sudden, the songs came out and when I had the album I saw that it was something different”. Later he even created banner workshops “because I realized that that was what made us different, what made this project special”.
In one of the most emblematic songs that gives the album its title, Baila conmigo, they sing: “Every day you have to get up, go to school and help your mom. But deep down, what you really like is to dance, and anywhere you can start practicing”.

Cantajuego somos amigos lyrics

The release of water to obtain energy at a time of exorbitant electricity prices leaves the tail of the Alcántara reservoir with hardly any water, which has caused the degradation of the water and the appearance of sludge.
The Justice and Development Party collapses in the face of the rise of the National Regrouping of Independents and the Party of Authenticity and Modernity, formations of liberal ideology and close to the crown.
After the entry into force of the Rider Act, Glovo supermarket delivery drivers were hired by ETT through a business network that separated the Glovo delivery driver into three companies. They carried out a strike during the weekend of August 27-29, which was supported by 100% of the workforce.
The platform breaks the relationship with 3,000 delivery drivers with the excuse of the entry into force of the Rider Law. CC OO and UGT qualify the action as “irregular collective dismissal” and take the platform to court.
The deputy director of security guarded the images that show the aggression suffered by the prisoner and that dismantles the version offered by the association of prison officials Your abandonment can kill me.

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JONAS: It is a project where all members of the family can enjoy together learning values such as friendship, teamwork, respect for the elderly, care for the planet, sustainability and many more… And all with the CantaJuego seal.
ELENA: The fact of interspersing our own songs with those of the popular repertoire is based on being able to offer the little ones a larger repertoire to cover certain areas in which we wanted to immerse ourselves. With this idea, we wanted to cover and/or reinforce certain values and knowledge that we couldn’t find in the traditional songs. And… well… it all adds up, doesn’t it?
AINHOA: It’s love in all its forms (admiration, gratitude, generosity, devotion, fidelity…). As Mario Benedetti would say, “I know I am going to love you without questions, I know you are going to love me without answers” …unconditional, pure and true love…very rewarding. They are the true masters.
EUGENIA: What we do is keep ourselves in shape so that we can be 100 percent at what we do. That means that we dedicate time to physical exercise, we eat a diet according to our needs and we continue training and learning in the field of performing arts and early childhood education. In addition, we dedicate some time to enjoy our family and loved ones, something fundamental for us, since we spend a lot of time away from home.

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