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Echoes of el rocio – i am andalusian (official)

As for the “rociero” songs, and due to all that has already been written about the Pilgrimage of El Rocio, it is not easy to make good “rociero” songs, since it is necessary to be original, to know how to tell a good story that reaches and is full of sensitivity, so today our demands to edit “sevillanas rocieras” are greater.
Madre Tierra is the most complete album we have released so far. It is composed of fourteen musical pieces for all tastes, among them: sevillanas, rumbas, ballads and for the first time we introduce the fandango. As for the themes, the title piece of this album is an ecological theme that we launched for the reflection of all citizens “Mother Earth is revealed”. We include, sevillanas rocieras that are never missing in our repertoire but we continue to insist on love and especially on social issues such as disability, organ donation or such a current issue as “bullying”, in songs such as “Un aplauso”, “Gracias por ser donante” or “No lo calles”. All of them with a special sensitivity that we always focus with a hopeful purpose, being this one of our intentions, touching the reality but moving away from the drama and giving color to life.

Ecos del rocio – las campanas del planeta (official videoclip)

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Ecos del rocio- sevillanas potpourri

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Ecos del rocio – tu niña la chica (official)

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