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8:46the fastest red locomotive on sodor | thomas and friends …thomas & friends latinoaméricayoutube – 28 apr 2020

Thomas and Friends (in English Thomas and Friends and formerly Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends) is a British animated children’s series, first broadcast on the ITV channel on October 9, 1984 in the United Kingdom.
It is based on The Railway Series of books created by the Reverend Wilbert Awdry. It deals with the adventures of a group of anthropomorphized trains and vehicles living on the fictional island of Sodor. The books were based on stories Awdry told his son Christopher to entertain him while he was recovering from measles. Much of the stories are based on events from Awdry’s personal experience.
Each episode consists of a 4 1/2-minute story (through season seven), a 7-minute story (season eight through season twelve), and finally an 8-minute 45-second story (season thirteen to the present), told by a heterodiegetic narrator.
In the late 70’s, the rights to the series were sold to Britt Allcroft, she would go to any recording studio to see what kind of animation would be used for the series: Classic Animation, Stop Motion, Plasticine or CGI. After meeting David Mitton it was decided that Live Action Model Animation would be used.


La primera serie de Thomas & Friends comenzó a transmitirse el 9 de octubre de 1984 en el Reino Unido. Ringo Starr narró los veintiséis episodios en el Reino Unido, y luego volvió a narrar veinticinco en los Estados Unidos para Shining Time Station . George Carlin volvió a narrar toda la serie para Estados Unidos en 1991.
Basada en una serie de libros infantiles, “Thomas & Friends” presenta las aventuras de Thomas el Motor de Tanques con otras locomotoras en la isla de Sodor. Thomas se mete a menudo en problemas, pero nunca se rinde en su intento de ser una locomotora realmente útil. Otros miembros del ferrocarril de Sir Topham Hatt son: Percy (el mejor amigo de Thomas), y Gordon (el miembro más rápido y poderoso del equipo).

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The twenty-third season of the television series officially began airing on October 4, 2019 in Mexico. However, the first three episodes of the season were aired in a marathon on Mexico’s Channel 5 on May 1, 2019, along with the twenty-second season episodes, Thomas Goes to Bollywood and Thomas in Outback.
Mattel has greenlit a new season and several specials for Thomas and Friends to premiere in 2019. Production has begun on season 23 which will consist of 20 11-minute episodes as well as three 22-minute specials following the series’ recent renewal.
Once again, the season is split into two halves: one half with Thomas traveling the world and another half on the Isle of Sodor. Along with more episodes set in China, India and Australia previously visited, Thomas will also visit two new countries, Italy and Brazil.

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