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frases de desengaño amoroso

30. And when America found itself having a hard time facing the future they looked for one of their heroes.    Someone like John Wayne.    But unfortunately John Wayne was no longer available, so they settled for Ronald Raygun. – Gil Scott Heron
46. We are our own sculptors. We chisel away to create our life’s work, but we are disappointed when one part is not done correctly. Remember, it is a work in progress, there is still much to be done.
59. Imagine suddenly finding out that the people, places and moments most important to you, didn’t disappear, didn’t die; but worse, never existed. What kind of hell would that be? – Christopher Plummer
62. It wouldn’t be a disappointment if I don’t play. If I’m at the coach’s disposal, I can get some minutes. I’m training the best way I can, I’m taking it easy and I’m trying to keep learning. – Maximiliano Gastón López
69. Men have spoken enormously about -women-, but of course and fatally through themselves. Through gratitude or disappointment (…). They can be praised for many things, but never for a profound impartiality on this subject. – Victoria Ocampo

friendship estrangement phrases

Friendship relationships are not so far away from couple relationships. A betrayal, a lie, a strong argument or a cooling off by one of the parties can break a friendship. Just like love relationships, a friendship is also vital and marks our existence, filling us with experiences and good times. If you have currently lost a good friend, or you feel that your relationship has ended, for whatever reason, pay attention to the following article that we present to you at This time we want you to learn how to overcome a broken friendship. Follow our tips and discover how to ease the pain of such a loss.
Generally, the breakup of a friendship is usually given either by a betrayal or by an abandonment of one of the two parties, both are common reasons why friendship relationships that appeared to be very solid end. It can also be the end of a toxic friendship, of dependence. Remember that you must admit and know how to see what kind of friendship relationship you have, because as in love, friendship can also blind you.

disappointment phrases of a man

There are a lot of phrases that people usually look for, among them we find the phrases of disappointment; that despite being negative, we have all gone through a similar stage where we are looking for something with which to feel identified. For that reason, we have prepared an entry with the best phrases in this category.
If you were looking for phrases to post on your social networks, create images or put in your Whatsapp status, for example, these will be ideal for you. The compilation has more than 100 of these writings, where you will read disappointments in different areas, such as love, friendship or even life. However, we want to emphasize that it is important to know that this is just a stage and that no matter how sad or disappointed you are, you must overcome it and move on.
We hope you liked these phrases of disappointment, because we gathered all of them to give you as many alternatives as possible when choosing them. If you liked it, you can share the article in your social networks; you can also leave a comment with your opinion or favorite phrase.

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