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If you are passionate about social networks and photography, you will probably want to discover some perfect phrases for each of your images, as more and more networks value the perfect mix between text and photo.In addition, this selection of phrases for Tumblr and Instagram friends is designed so you can dedicate the most beautiful and thoughtful quotes to those friends who, over time, have become siblings.Ready to improve your social network in a matter of minutes? Let’s start!
The point is simple; in the end, you love a friend for who they are, not for what others may judge or what you may think in a bad moment. True friendship is forever, through thick and thin.
A golden rule that we should never forget: no matter how many friends you have, in the end, you can count those friendships that are true with the fingers of one hand. Don’t get carried away by superficialities, surround yourself with those who really bring you good things. For more intelligent phrases to think, check out this other article.

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There are people in life who come along for a reason. They make us better people and even change our aspirations. Sometimes they even save us without knowing it, or they do. They arrive with their light guiding us to find a way again, sometimes together and sometimes not. But when that light disappears we continue on our way, but sometimes with shadows. What you never get is to forget that light, that one day made you shine like no one else and like never before.
We are human and we make many mistakes. And we are no one to judge another person. My motto and my flag is LIVE AND LET LIVE. That’s the smartest advice there is. Surely everything would be much better for us, each person has a reason in life …!!!!
We never forget what we lived, in spite of all the bad things there were beautiful moments. Everything that happens to us in life allows us to grow and move forward and be better people than we were before, we learn to overcome, we learn to evolve.

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Friendship is a feeling that crosses borders. In other words, it is possible to have friends around the world. Here are the most important English terms related to friendship for you to practice and use in your conversations.
Learning a language together with a friend makes your learning process easier because it makes practice easier and more fun. In addition to dedicating best friends phrases in English and expressing your appreciation and gratitude, with this lesson you will be able to motivate your friends to study English with you and share with each other friendship phrases in English in your social networks or in virtual cards.

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Probably one of the most pop biblical characters, with starring roles in Hollywood and Best Sellers, but what is the historical truth of this iconic and significant character? We interviewed an expert historian to find out.
Definitely Moses, as a historical character, most likely did not exist, nor did Abraham. They are two characters of whom, until today, we have no real archaeological evidence. (Historian with a Master’s Degree in Religious Sciences).
Every change can be seen as an opportunity, this is how the Jesuit priest Tony Mifsud sees it, who talked to El Definido about the crisis in the Church. Find out about the measures and changes that are being taken in the following article.
Most of them are gone and others will never speak. But there are more than 100 who have been contacted by the Living Memory Foundation, which recorded and saved their testimonies about the Holocaust, to leave them as a legacy and raise awareness among new generations.
It is clear then that the story of the Promised Land is just that, a story, and strictly speaking, the Israeli nation is just a utopia. In short, there is no such chosen people and they are not the ones to be usurping a Palestinian territory that does not belong to them.

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