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Crazy funny friends memes

Hi guys! Today I bring you a post dedicated to all the good and bad friends in the world. And if you think a little bit you will realize that life without friends would be pretty boring. Wouldn’t it? Anyway, for all your friends I have created this post with more than 20 funny memes of friends that you can use in your conversations on Whatsapp and other social networks. I hope you like the images. Here you go!
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Images of friends

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Images of jokes for friends

The teacher: Memín; if father is faher, how do you say son in English. The student said:Easy, teacher, son is son. The teacher says Okay, now use son in a sentence. The student makes the sentence and says: La mária es una son-sa.
A candelario had doubts about his future and went to see a fortune teller. The fortune-teller said: welcome to the house of Madame Divina…I see a black cloud approaching your house and it will be your torment!  Yes, I know my mother-in-law’s sister is coming to visit, what I want to know is when she leaves.
Guys, when I grow up I want to be an astronaut to travel to Mars, oh yes I’m going to travel to the moon, well I’m going even further I’m going to travel to the sun, no hoye if you go to the sun you get burned. Hey boy I’m not stupid I’m going at night.

Funny images for crazy friends

It is surprising in many cases the speed and creativity with which people react to certain news or events in the real world, creating jokes, memes, cartoons or geeky or funny content related to an amazing speed.
It is also worth remembering that receiving photos and videos by WhatsApp can, depending on the amount received, increase the consumption of mobile data (depending on the contracted quota), so it may be interesting to configure WhatsApp so that only images and animations are downloaded with Wifi.

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