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One way to show love is to take care of our health and that of other people, so it is advisable to stay at home and make a video call or some other online activity to celebrate the Day of Love and Friendship 2021.
He became the patron saint of lovers because he risked his life to marry couples, which was forbidden by the emperor, who considered single soldiers to be more battle-hardened.
On February 15 there was a pagan custom of drawing names of young girls for luck, in honor of the goddess of sex and fertility called Februata Juno. Because of this, some shepherds substituted this custom, writing names of saints. Thus, over time the feast would be Christianized and St. Valentine’s Day was celebrated instead, according to ACI Prensa.

Imagenes de amistad de amigas

Friendship: it is not receiving, it is giving. It is not to spoil, it is to encourage. It is not to disbelieve, it is to believe. It is not to criticize, it is to support. It is not to offend, it is to understand. It is not to humiliate, it is to defend. It is not to judge, it is to accept. It is not forgetting, it is forgiving. Friendship is simply to love.
Friendship is a door that opens, an outstretched hand, a smile that understands you, a tear that joins your pain, a word that makes you better. It is an embrace of forgiveness, an applause that rejoices you, a favor without rewarding, a giving without demanding, a giving without calculating and a waiting without tiring.

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They are not boyfriend and girlfriend, they are not friends, they are in a middle ground where the social relationship has become a circumstantial point where neither one nor the other but they are in love, circumstantial for different reasons, or one of the two has another romantic commitment with someone, or simply do not want to formalize the relationship.
I feel so happy by your side for two reasons, because I feel in love with you and because you are my best friend, without a doubt, it is the best sentimental mix that any person could ever come up with.
I am convinced every day that any couple, before loving each other, should be best friends, although formally we are not a couple, we share the feeling of love and that makes us remain in time”.
I am aware that you want to be my girlfriend, but don’t you think it is more beautiful this love that we live as friends, without labels that give us a serious commitment? This entails a truth and that is that I love you”.
Although it can be paradoxical and sometimes a little complex to manage a friendship in erotic love, it can be real and happens in many places in the world relationships like these, if this is your case, do not forget to give some nice letters to that person.

Friends wallpapers

Be cordially welcome friends who visit our portal of my love I love you we hope you liked the special previously published which is called Anime of love where you will find cute love images that will probably be to your liking, for this opportunity the article is about friendship images which are characterized by being undoubtedly very genuine.
In the first image you can appreciate a beautiful phrase which clarifies that countless people come and go from your life but only those with good intentions and good feelings leave a mark on your heart because you will always remember them.
A friend is the one who being loyal and sincere understands you, accepts you as you are and has faith in you. The one who without envy recognizes your values stimulates you and praises you without flattering you, this is the precious phrase that contains this element of the article of friendship images.
A true friend is someone capable of touching your heart from the other side of the world. A nice words and with all the reason in the world since friendship breaks the chains of distance and does not allow anything to stand in its way.

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