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The old dilemma about whether there is friendship between men and women seems outdated to them. Not only do they celebrate this bond, but they also capitalize on the very thing that used to inspire that question: mutual attraction. Friends with the right to touch are accomplices in life and in bed as well, but they are very clear that they are not a potential couple. They know that falling in love is a border they must not cross; that they must be very cautious and clear so as not to generate misunderstandings; that agreements are strictly respected and that intimacy has a limit called romanticism. And it is a very thin line.

How to move from a casual to a formal relationship?

The friendship with the right to rubbing -called by custom as friends with rights- is a couple relationship that tries to combine the affective bonding, behaviors and attitudes typical of a friendship, with the possibility of maintaining intimate or sexual relations. Although the modality of pairing already existed, in some cases with the name of lovers, this denomination appears in history recently and after courtship[1] so it is always defined in relation to it. The friendship with rights will have less affective bonding and fewer obligations than a courtship, although, as it happens in a friendship, it will not be completely devoid of them.
The participants in such a relationship are naturally called friends with rights, although there are also numerous more or less informal synonyms such as friends with rights, friends with benefits, friends with benefits, amigarcha or follamigos.
The most complete definitions made from researchers’ conversations with adolescents who use the concept emphasize freedom; the absence of commitment, stability and responsibility; less affective involvement; and that its purpose is erotic/sexual pleasure.[2][3][4][4][4][4][5][6][7][8][8][8][9][9][9][9][9

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Generalizations are bad but sometimes they are good to prevent inexperienced people who may fall into the same trap.What I found very convenient, and I will leave as a gift, in a kind of excerpt, a model contract so that ADRs who do not want to be one, do not become one and do not hinder the path of those who have that momentary or definitive way of relating.I was just talking to a friend who told me: “I will try to make my ADR fall in love with me, in fact I want to fall in love”.My friend did not understand anything. You don’t fall in love with an ADR, I explained to her almost shouting and tried to convince her not to look for an ADR. For all these reasons and in order to have a happy ending, I am enclosing the following model contract…

Difference between denotation and connotation

There is a proposal in social networks to establish July 19, as the day of the friend with privileges, as a way to celebrate that type of relationship that transcends friendship without a sexual interest but without reaching courtship. Many people today prefer to be friends with privileges or the right to friction, intimacy or sexual relations. This denomination is used more and more and is becoming fashionable. Friendship and sex, two words that are linked to this term of recent use, to denominate a type of sporadic relations, where the good treatment predominates and whose purpose is to maintain sexual relations, without future this article of PsicologíaOnline, we speak about the relation of friends with right to friction.
This new model of relationship takes us back to the origins of humanity, where no moral or religious codes prevailed when seeking to have sexual relations, although with the difference that nowadays mating is not sought for reproductive purposes, but only for erotic pleasure.This form of emotional asepsis is a way to rationalize the fears related to the need for acceptance and security, which in the long run can generate distrust and lack of authenticity. It is another way of living in a virtual world, so common nowadays.

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