Msj bonitos para amigos

messages for friends

:: “As time goes by, our friendship is getting stronger and stronger. I am proud of the magnificent relationship we have, and I have realized that as life goes by, one cannot live without good friends.
I have a great esteem for all of you, not only because we have spent great moments together, but you have also been my great teachers because from your personal experiences I have learned many life lessons.
Life paid me with many ungrateful moments but when you have the joy of having a good friend by your side even the most raging storm loses strength if I hold on to the good things that God gives me. Thank you!”.
I consider you a kind and frank person with whom I can spend hours talking and laughing about everything a little bit as if life takes a space to let us be truly happy. What a great friend you are!”.
You may not be a movie star, a Nobel laureate or a popular hero but it is enough for me to know your life story to be sure that I am proud of you and I am happy to keep your friendship”.

positive phrases for a special friend

It may seem that we are very friendly people because we have among our contacts a long list of people but in reality only a few of them can be considered true friends.
Throughout our lives we will come in contact with many people who will occupy a very special place in our hearts as well as others who will pass so superficially that we will easily forget that they ever existed for us.
I love the most about our friendship is that you radiate a peace that fills my whole spirit and your advice is always the best because you give it to me from your heart, thank you for being such a good friend.
Thank you for being such a good friend”:: “Together we have spent pleasant moments in which we have laughed together but there have also been situations in which we have cried shoulder to shoulder. Thank you for being the best support I have in my life”.
To anyone who tells me that they have a true friend, I say this: “Value them and let them know that you love them. The best way to strengthen a friendship is to let your friends know that you love them.

beautiful messages

Are you looking for the best messages for friends? Friendship is a relationship that many compare it to the relationship between siblings and is that one spends many moments with the friend and this is who often puts the shoulder to support us and shares all our triumphs and joys.
Dear friend: “There are many moments that we spend together but few when I tell you that you are a very important person in my life, you will always be a very dear sister to me and I hope that today we spend it together to celebrate Friendship Day”.
:: “Dear friend I constantly wonder what would be my life if I didn’t have you by my side, you have saved me more than one and we have done so many pranks that have made our days happy. Today on Friendship Day I pray to God for us.”
:: “This friendship is worth more than any treasure. As our moms and dads say we have known each other since our tummies, the same nest, the same school and lucky for me we live so close to each other. I am really lucky, happy Friendship Day.”

phrases for my best friend

Among all our circle of friends there is always a person whom we appreciate the most, since he/she is the one who understands us better and supports us when we go through difficult times by extending his/her arm and giving us words of encouragement.
There are times when we get to philosophize about a certain topic, if you are on this website is because we know you are looking for a nice phrase to share with your friends and you have come to the right place.
The people who have really suffered in this life always rebel against those who are close to them. It is difficult to live together but only the one who wants to be a good friend will have no problem to stay by your side”.

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