Peña amigos de los magos lucena

Presented the christmas baskets raffled by the

In 1148 the “City of the Jews” was invaded and razed to the ground by the Almohads, due to their refusal to convert to Islam. The survivors headed north, finding in Toledo the necessary tolerance to build another community where Jewish culture could develop greatly.
During the War of Succession it took the side of Felipe de Anjou, collaborating actively in favor of his cause; for this reason and for the contribution of militias and money for the recovery of Gibraltar, his Majesty Felipe V rewarded it in 1712 with the qualifications of “Very Noble and Very Loyal”.
Lucena came to have a railroad station belonging to the Linares-Puente Genil line, which would not enter into service in its entirety until 1893. The Lucena district of Navas del Selpillar also had another railroad station. However, this railroad would be closed in 1984.
From 1975, the town began a rapid economic growth becoming one of the main industrial centers of Andalusia, highlighting the agricultural production of olives, the wine industry (Designation of Origin Montilla-Moriles) and the furniture manufacturing industry.

Cachimbinho & geraldo mouzinho – 1993

With this illusion we begin in all the corners of our country, waiting now for the Three Kings, our Wise Men, who on January 5th will bring happiness to many children, and not so many children of our geography. But ….., what can be done to prepare for the arrival of Their Majesties? From Lucena (Córdoba) they have it very very clear.
It has become a tradition to give a very special welcome to those from the East, a giant Roscón de Reyes with a great reason and a beautiful excuse. Today taking a walk around the webs and thanks to the information of @lamamidemelli77 we have today this entry in our blog.
In you can see the necessary information to learn more about the reason for this event and the place and date when you can enjoy it, although I tell you the day in advance, this coming January 3, yes, yes, yes, this Friday. You can’t miss it.

Photographic exhibition 50th anniversary peña amigos de los

From 18.30 hours will begin to distribute the portions of roscón with a coffee or a milkshake in exchange for a minimum donation of one euro. Volunteers from both groups will be in charge of the distribution and collection, which will go entirely to these two social purposes.
Meanwhile, the spokesman for the church, Juan Miguel Ramirez, explained in turn that the Parish of Santiago will allocate the money to the renovation work being carried out in the temple and has encouraged the people of Lucena to contribute through this initiative in the recovery of “a heritage that belongs to all Lucena”.

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