Peña grupo amigos

Grupo renacer at the peña entre amigos 28-12-2014

Lottery prizes of less than 2,000 euros can be collected directly at any lottery administration; while prizes of more than 2,000 euros can only be collected at the financial entities collaborating with Loterías y Apuestas del Estado.
When it is a prize of less than 2,000 euros, the person responsible for the custody of the tickets can collect it and distribute it among the participants; however, when it is a prize of more than 40,000 euros, it is subject to the taxation of lotteries applied by the Treasury. Therefore, all winners must identify themselves at the time of collecting the prize so that the corresponding withholding tax is applied to the amount obtained.
Nobody has to assume the responsibility of keeping the tickets because they are kept in our lottery administration until the day of the draw. And if they have a prize, they can be cashed by Internet up to 2,000 euros or in a bank from that amount. Of course, without expenses or commissions and with all the guarantees of our secure web page.

Terere jere (peña) – los amigos así (friends like this)

On its walls there is a collection of photos or newspaper clippings that tell the history of the place and its characters. These are Chino’s family and his friends, among them famous visitors such as José Sacristán, Joaquín Sabina, Marilina Ross, Argentino Ledesma, Cristina Banegas, Soledad Silveira, Carlos Aristarain, Marcos Zucker, Silvia Montanari, Juan Carlos Baglietto, among others.
El Bar del Chino is internationally known due to the international publications that recommend it to tourists. It is mentioned in books and tango magazines of our city and, at present, a movie is being filmed with its history. History that his former wife is effectively trying to keep alive, as in other times, together with a group of those who were “Chino’s friends”.

Peña los 10 amigos united for solidarity

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“We have won the ‘Gordo’, we have won the ‘Gordo’,” was heard between shouts of celebration in the local Ramon, which is a mixed point of sale where in addition to lottery offers other services such as sweets, press or shoe store, and where it is the first time that a prize is distributed in this draw.
With hardly time to attend to the press because his acquaintances and close friends have not been slow to move to the establishment as soon as the 3,347 of the lottery draw came out, around 12.35 pm, Ramón explained that in addition to the products it already offers, it will now sell many more: “For now, we will start with champagne,” he joked.
On the other hand, the establishment of mixed game located on the street Párroco Fernández Santiago de Villamanrique de la Condesa, has sold by terminal another three tenths of ‘El Gordo’ Christmas, after receiving Simon Ruiz this administration from the hands of his mother, Ana Diaz, recently retired.
Thus, in 2012 he sold a third prize, in 2016 a fifth, and now “we have finally sold the final,” he celebrated before stressing that “it is very important” for the people and that given its central location although he could have dispatched the winning ticket to a neighbor, he does not rule out that it was someone who was passing through Lora.

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