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We all know that the jewel of León is its cathedral, which was started in the 13th century and is Gothic in style with French influences. Surely, what most catches your attention is its imposing facade that stands out from the rest of the buildings in the old town. Another thing that stands out about the cathedral, apart from its facade, is the amount of polychrome stained glass windows that make a real rainbow of lights inside.
The Plaza de la Catedral, called Plaza de Regla, is quite large. One of the essential things to do in León is to take a picture of yourself in the bronze letters that are in the Plaza de la Catedral, in which it says “LEÓN”. Surely on more than one occasion you have seen photos of some of your friends on those letters, if not we leave you an example.

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I had been warned that Las Médulas has very different landscapes depending on the time of the year, but to visit for the first time these places of Bierzo Leon茅s聽opted to do it at the end of autumn … and I found them breathtakingly beautiful.
The conclusion is that Las Mulas in autumn have a very special attraction, but this natural site declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco is so impressive that it is worth visiting at any time of the year.
But at the beginning of the summer, the contrast between these rocky pinnacles of a strong copper color and the green of the thick forests is complemented by the yellow of the chestnut blossom, a type of tree that floods this area in the northwest of the province of Leon.
To extract the gold found inside the mountains, the Romans decided to use the method known as Ruina Montium, with which the mountains were literally burst in order to facilitate the final collection of the gold dust.
This method involved creating a network of canals over 100 kilometers long, largely dug into the rocks, which allowed water to be brought from higher mountains and then stored on top of the mountains that were to be burst.

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Normally, traveling with friends is associated with party tourism, but here we are going to try to provide several alternatives for all tastes and above all for a quick getaway (although yes, everyone will have a part of partying… ).
Surely you will have seen it on TV several times as it is famous for being the “German neighborhood”. Despite what it may seem, it is far from resembling Magaluf, this is an area worth visiting at least to see its giant Oktoberfest style bars.
Benidorm, Denia… Any of the coastal towns of Alicante is worth a getaway with friends in summer. In all of them you will find good beaches, beach bars and places to have fun. In addition, you have many things to see in Alicante, both in the city and in the province.
San Sebastian is more famous because here it started later, but I love Vitoria for this kind of trips because it is another beautiful city that you can walk around without complications.

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Between 2001 and 2002, she starred in Poné a Francella, a series that made her famous as a comic actress, and then starred in the miniseries Disputas (2003), where she played sex scenes.[2] She received a Martín Fierro Award as “best leading actress in a unitario and/or miniseries” for her work.
At the end of Casados con hijos, in December 2006, she starred in Hechizada, an Argentine version of the American original starring Elizabeth Montgomery.[5] This new production was also premiered by Telefe, but due to low ratings, it was cancelled a few months after its premiere. She then returned to television with Marley, hosting Viaje de Locos, a program in which they toured different countries and took a famous couple as guests.[6] In 2008, she starred in the comedy Una comedia de la comedia, a comedy about the life of a couple, which was aired on the TV channel Telefe.
In 2008, she starred in the comedy Una de dos, together with Fabián Vena and Luis Luque, which was broadcasted from January 28 to February 21, 2008, since it did not obtain the necessary audience desired by the channel, it was decided to suspend its broadcasting.[7] In theater, she participated in the first years of her career, when she was the first actress of her career, and she was the main character of the comedy Una de dos, together with Fabián Vena and Luis Luque.
In theater, he participated in his beginnings in: En mi cuarto, Blancanieves, Mamá es una estrella, Shakespiriando, Desangradas en glamour (where she appeared totally naked), Confesiones de mujeres de 30, Grease and Monólogos de la vagina.

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