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Bienvenido a nuestro restaurante Los Amigos. ¿Buscas algo diferente para sorprender a tus amigos, familia o colegas? El Restaurante Los Amigos se especializa en cocina moderna. La experiencia del Restaurante Los Amigos va más allá de la comida. Un sincero esfuerzo por educar a nuestro personal en todos los aspectos de la comida es la base de nuestra filosofía de servicio. Nuestro acogedor personal en el Restaurante Los Amigos hace todo lo posible para que los comensales se sientan a gusto, cómodos y bien atendidos. Escoja entre sus favoritos, incluyendo Aperitivos (Entradas), Sopas, y Platos Mexicanos, o haga su propia elección.
(Servidos Todo El Dia. Servido Todo El Día. Servidos Con Arroz, Frijoles Fritos O Casamiento, Crema, Queso Y Dos Tortillas. Servido Con Arroz, Frijoles Fritos O Casamiento, Queso, Crema Agria Y Dos Tortillas). Huevos a Cualquier Estilo.
(Servidos Con Arroz, Frijoles O Casamiento, Ensalada Y Dos Tortillas. (Servidos Con Arroz, Frijoles O Casamiento, Ensalada Y Dos Tortillas.) (Con Salsa O Con Huevo) Carne Desmenuzada Con Salsa O Huevos.

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February 2020 seems to be a turning point in the relationship between Infanta Elena’s daughter and the Jet DJ. In addition to trying the first restaurant of the Lalalá group as a couple, they did the same with those of the Larrumba group. In Peyote San they ate just after spending a romantic Christmas in Baqueira Beret and an express getaway to Rome for the young man’s work. It is a transgressor restaurant that mixes Mexican and Japanese food. It is located in the Plaza de Colón and offers what they themselves define on their website as “a delirium, a gastronomic hallucination”. Its motto is ‘Mexico meets Japan’ and combines the coincidences of both culinary cultures: chili peppers, herbs, pickles and fish.
On the terrace of the famous Ortega y Gasset street, the young woman enjoyed a reopening lunch with several acquaintances of her family. Among them was the presence of the Infanta Margarita, her great aunt and sister of the King Emeritus. The restaurant is one of the most famous to have a good breakfast in the capital or an exquisite snack. The woman who gave it its name is considered the chef of the jet and opened her empire a decade ago, not knowing then that personalities such as Carmen Lomana, Eugenia Silva and Paula Echevarría would also visit her premises.

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Traveling to see the world and broaden the soul. Travel as a source of inspiration and happiness, regardless of our age. Our hundreds of trips at home and abroad go beyond the simple initiation trip. Whether to congratulate a newlywed couple with a romantic stay or to surprise your parents with a night in a beautiful castle, you will find the right gift box for them in our Stays range. It is also the best option to give an undated trip and let them decide when to embark on their journey.

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When you have in front of you is true #FoodPorn, it is evident the fact that eating is constituted as one of the favorite activities of many people. With the purpose of making any palate water, there is nothing comparable to the pleasure of enjoying fantastic and good dishes, made with the best gastronomic techniques of the kitchen.
The menu of a good restaurant must be varied and adaptable to the tastes of any customer, while the dishes must be made with the best ingredients on the market, characterized by their unparalleled freshness and flavor.
This is precisely what Lara Grill offers with its innovative Slow Street Food concept, based on a new generation of street food that, by combining quick preparations with gourmet ingredients, is capable of elevating ordinary concepts such as “hamburgers” or “milkshakes”, giving them a much more daring, fresh and exquisite meaning.

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