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However, Emma is allergic to relationships, as is Adam, although he rejects them mainly because his father, Alvin (Kevin Kline), a former TV star, is having an affair with his ex-girlfriend. Since they both agree not to enter into a relationship, they decide to simply be friends with rights, having no-strings-attached, no-strings-attached sex when the occasion arises.
But eventually trouble starts when Adam turns his physical needs into something more, realizing that Emma really likes him and that he is falling in love. The two will try to keep their “friends with benefits” relationship from turning into anything more, but they will inevitably face the question: can two people have sex without love getting in the way?
It was filmed in different locations in the United States, entirely in the state of California. 2] Initially the film was titled Fuck Buddies, but it was changed because with that title it would be defined as a film not recommended for minors by the MPAA. [3] It was changed to Friends with Benefits, but again the proposal was declined because there was already a film with the same title, starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. 3] In test screenings prior to release, the film was titled No Strings Attached or Hooking Up. 3] Director Ivan Reitman makes a brief cameo as the director of the show in which Adam works. 3.

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Let’s not admit that all the consequences of being confined at home are negative. Although most of them may seem so at first glance, the reality is that the feeling of community in the digital universe has increased to unsuspected levels since we can’t enjoy our usual social life (with physical contact, of course) during these weeks.
The confinement means that we can’t meet up with our friends for this plan that we like so much, but for those who are looking forward to doing so, we bring the coolest solution of the moment: the “Rave” application.

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‘Loving Pablo’ chronicles the rise and fall of one of the greatest drug traffickers in history, Pablo Escobar, and his passionate and stormy love affair with the most famous Colombian journalist of the moment, Virginia Vallejo, through his reign of terror that shattered an entire country. Content available until September 14, 2021.
Julián receives an unexpected visit from his friend Tomás who lives in Canada. The two friends, together with Truman, their faithful dog, will share, during four intense days, emotional and surprising moments, provoked by the difficult situation that Julián is going through. Directed by Cesc Gay, ‘Truman’ was nominated for six Goya Awards in 2016, of which it won five: Best Film, Best Supporting Actor (Javier Cámara), Best Original Screenplay, Best Leading Actor (Ricardo Darín) and Best Direction.
Pablo Quintero, a well-known film director, is madly in love with Juan but is not reciprocated.  During a temporary separation he tries to forget him by dating Antonio, a young man who has been waiting for the opportunity to enter Pablo’s life with the intention of staying forever. Antonio turns out to be an overzealous lover in everything that concerns Pablo’s life. There is also Tina, Pablo’s transsexual sister, she is an actress and absolutely devoted to her brother, because she only has him and does not trust men. Tina and Pablo have a past they never talk about.

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The 9/11 terrorist attack is one of America’s most catastrophic events that left nearly 3,000 fatalities; the attack, orchestrated by Osama bin Laden, continues to leave deep imprints on an entire nation. Here are some key facts about the 9/11 attacks.
The attack on the World Trade Center shocked the entire world. In all, 2,977 people died in the terrorist attacks in New York City, Washington and outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on September 11, 2001. Check out the front pages of the region’s major newspapers that reflected that day.
Wildlife photographer Chris Fallows describes his work as a “privilege” and seeks to tell the stories behind the animals he photographs with the intention of raising awareness about their conservation.

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