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My Friends’ Girlfriends Jason, Daniel and Mickey are three high school friends living in New York. While Jason and Daniel live in sporadic relationships with girls they don’t want to commit to, Mickey, already married, has problems with his wife. To try to get their friend out of his slump, Jason, Daniel and another friend of theirs named Chelsea take him out partying.
Friends share everything and sometimes make absurd promises, as is the case with the three friends who star in this film. One of them has had one of those heartbreaking breakups, and so the three of them decide to make a promise to each other. The promise is to stay single for as long as possible, until they can’t anymore. However, the three of them fall in love with three women almost at the same time, so their promise of bachelorhood is soon broken. As they have promised, none of them wants to admit to the other two that they have broken their promise, so each of them does their best to keep the other two in the dark about their love affair, which leads to comical situations as they try to keep their secret. Will they manage to keep up appearances for long? I don’t think so.

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Las novias de mis amigos (That Awkward Moment in its original version) is one of those movies that you don’t have to think too much about. That is to say, you don’t have to expect big revelations or great performances and from the beginning you know that you will forget it as soon as it’s over.
That’s where this film wins because a group of friends in their twenties or even couples can see themselves reflected in situations and talks that the protagonists have regarding the couple, commitment and love.
The trio of Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan is well cast by writer/director Tom Gormican whose debut feature contains funny dialogue and, although it is an “established formula movie”, it does not fall into mediocrity.
To tell the truth, I didn’t expect much from the movie, but I was quite entertained, typical “romantic comedy” but seen from the side of the typical group of friends. I liked it, entertaining, and although it falls into the typical obviousness of this kind of movies, it entertains and fulfills its objective.

My friends’ girlfriends

Three New York friends – Jason, Daniel and Mickey – are in that vital moment when they don’t know what to do with their love life.  Jason and Daniel live going from relationship to relationship with girls they don’t want to commit to, while Mickey is married and has problems with his wife. Everything will change for them one night when they decide to go out partying to cheer up their friend and Jason falls madly in love with a girl he has just met.A romantic comedy starring Zac Efron (‘The Paperboy’, ‘When I Find You’), Miles Teller (‘Divergent’, ‘Project X’) and Michael B. Jordan.

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where she spent her childhood, and then moved with her family to Arroyo Grande, California. His father, David Efron, an engineer at a power plant,[4], his mother, Starla Baskett, a secretary who worked alongside his father, and Dylan, his younger brother.[5] He was born in Arroyo Grande, California.
Agnostic by birth, his surname, “Efron”, means “lark” in Hebrew (his paternal grandfather was Jewish).[6][7] In his studies he always got excellent grades and if he didn’t, he was disappointed in himself and tried harder.[8] He worked at a theater called The Great American Theatre, which was called The Great American Theatre.
He worked in a theater called The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville, and began taking singing lessons. Efron acted in plays such as Gypsy; Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up; Little Shop of Horrors; and The Music Man.He was recommended to an agent in Los Angeles by his drama teacher, Robun Metchik (the mother of actors Aaron Michael Metchik and Asher Metchik).[10][11][12] Efron was also recommended to an agent in Los Angeles by his drama teacher, Robun Metchik (the mother of actors Aaron Michael Metchik and Asher Metchik).[10][11][11
Details of his personal life indicate that the sports he plays are golf, skiing, snowboarding, climbing and surfing. In his leisure time he plays piano and guitar and also fixes his grandfather’s cars: a DeLorean and a ’65 Mustang.

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