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Once you already know a reliable alternative to meet people in which you will not be scammed, we begin the review about friends with rights. We recommend you to read the post carefully, and once you have finished if you have any doubt, or even faith, that friends with rights is not a scam, we encourage you to take a look at the comments section, where many people have told us that they have also been scammed, if that does not encourage you to flee from this page there is little more we can do.
To be able to talk to other people we must pay, there is no choice, Friends with rights works with a credit system, the price varies from 0.13 to 0.10 depending on the amount of credits you want to buy. To perform any action we need at least 10 credits, so sending or replying to a message has a cost of one euro.
So far it looks like a normal site, it differs very little from Meetic or Ashley Madison, two sites with tradition that work like a charm. But friends with rights does not work at all and is a real scam. How do we know?

We promote the defense of the rights of girls and boys.

Friends with rights are those where you can allow yourself to get to a more intimate encounter, without having the responsibility that a courtship demands. Maintaining an informal relationship has become the solution for many who do not want to complicate things. This is the intention for which was created this website that we will talk about today.
Friends with rights, as its name says, offers you a relationship without commitment and the advantage of meeting new people who can become that special friend you are looking for. The technology they use to try to get you contacts related to your tastes is geolocation.
Geolocation is based on the fact that every time you log in or enter the application or web your exact location is located by GPS or IP, this in order to recommend people who are close to your geographical area, to interact and make your contact more real, but sometimes these actions can be manipulated, plus not everyone likes to share their real location.

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The comments on Amigos con Derechos, the online dating portal that is growing quite a lot, are positive, but I am going to comment, based on my own experiences, if it is reliable, safe and other features.
Feel free to comment just below what you want to express, both positive and negative experiences, everything counts and will help visitors to know different points of view, which always contributes.
If you are looking for your better half, with whom to sit and watch TV and grow old, this is simply not the best place, as it is a site specialized in quick encounters without commitment, in an adult way and without bad feelings.
The registration is free, and not too heavy. However, to finish the process you must confirm the registration in your personal email. This is to ensure that you have indeed signed up voluntarily.
Apart from this, the most important thing, in order to have visibility, is to fill in the profile. In this task, it can take about 10 minutes to do it well. I recommend using it at a time when you have more time, as it is crucial to succeed in it.

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The usual topic of friends with rights, of which we all have opinions and which has inspired a huge number of stories, some of them taken to the movies, also has its descent into a dating site. As expected, it is called Amigosconderechos.com, and it is not only one of the most recent in its segment, but also one of the fastest growing as a social network for flirting. Based on this, we believe it is convenient to try to get to know it in depth.
Based on this concept of bringing two people together to have possible sexual dates without becoming a formal couple, Friends with rights is a program that makes it very easy for men and men, men and women or women and women to meet. Our opinion is that this kind of dating portals will become more and more massive and that, although Amigos con derechos has some shortcomings, it also has a huge potential for the future.
Another aspect that stands out is that the members of this portal are particularly active. This involves both female and male profiles that we have encountered. This means that, although it has a smaller number of subscribers than others, the feeling is that we are in a more “alive” application than others that surpass it in fame.

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