Mill Publications

Some Norfolk Mill Publications:

Harry Apling, Norfolk Corn Windmills (Norfolk Windmills Trust, 1984).
Usually available 2nd hand from either City Bookshop or Mills Archive bookshop.

Luke Bonwick, Norfolk’s Windmills by river, road and rail (Bonwick Publishing, 2008). (Available via

Mike Page & Alison Yardy, A-Z of Norfolk Windmills (Halsgrove, 2011) Available from local bookshops and Amazon or Mills Archive bookshop:
(Authors’ royalties are donated to local charities)

Martin Scott, The Restoration of Windmills & Windpumps in Norfolk (Norfolk Windmills Trust, 1977). Usually available 2nd hand.

Arthur C. Smith, Corn Windmills in Norfolk a contemporary survey (Stevenage Museum Publications, 1982); Drainage Windmills of the Norfolk Marshes (Arthur Smith Publications, 1990). Usually available from Mills Archive bookshop.

Alison Yardy, Mills of the Halvergate Marshes: Reedham Marshes & Ashtree Farm (Norfolk Windmills Trust, 2008)
Usually available from the Mills Archive bookshop.


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